Welcome to PLACE at St.Margaret Church

MAY 2021 UPDATE: Two Confirmation Ceremonies:

Saturday, June 26 at 1:00 pm

Sunday, June 27 at 1:00 pm

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PLACE is a two-year Confirmation Program designed to help our students find their PLACE with Christ and within the Church Community.

Through various learning opportunities, our young Parishioners will engage in activities that exemplify the life of active Catholics--living out the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, participation in the Mass, partaking of the Sacraments, as well as growing in their faith formation. Our mission is to provide our Confirmandi with experiences that will allow them to meet Jesus in their daily lives and find their PLACE.

Due to the pandemic and social distancing guidelines issued by the State and the Archdiocese, our program this year will be conducted online through password-protected and waiting room-enabled sessions in Zoom. The program includes live sessions with catechists via Zoom, retreats, guest speakers, a special narrated Mass, Family Faith Adventures, and service projects.


Expectations for attending classes via Zoom must be followed. These expectations and responsibilities may be viewed here.