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1st-Year Program.

NOTE: The calendar is a work in progress. Given the unpredictability of safety guidelines due to COVID-19, please check the calendar below frequently, as events, times, and locations are subject to change. As of now, we are planning for in-person sessions; however, CDC, State, and Archdiocese guidelines may dictate a shift in the schedule.

Important Highlights of the 1st-Year Program

  • Orientation - September 11 - 6:00 pm in the Church.

  • Bring your journal and pen to each event and workshop.

  • All students are to attend:

    • Why Be Confirmed. Select one of the four available dates in the fall.​

    • Music Mission with Steve Angrisano. Select one of two nights in October.

    • Healthy Relationships - December 11, 6:00 pm in the Church Hall. 

    • Blessed Carlo Acutis Exhibit. Attend for one hour in any of three days in January.

    • Stations of the Cross. Select one of two available evenings during Lent.

    • Retreat - April 2, 6:00 pm in the Church Hall. More details to follow.

  • All students are to register for:

    • At least four workshops to be completed by February 26, 2023.

    • Loaves and Fishes and one Second Service Project
    • ​One Family Faith Adventure


Click on the bottom right of the calendar below (on the "+") to add to your personal calendar. If you don't have Google Calendar, click on the gear on the top right of the Google Calendar page after clicking on the "+" bottom right of calendar, select settings, then select Import and Export on the left margin. Export the calendar to your personal calendar.

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