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All Students.

Check the News section weekly to learn about changes to

the schedule, upcoming events, and so forth.




Faith formation is a life-long journey—one that began with your Baptism and one that will continue throughout your life. The Confirmation program is one small component of your faith formation. It’s a two-year program that meets roughly twice a month for about six months and is designed to help you get started in finding your PLACE (Passionately Living as Catholics Everyday) with Christ and the Church Community. 


Our commitment to each of you is to present you with opportunities that will allow you to encounter Jesus in your daily life. These opportunities include services projects, speakers, workshops, and events. Jesus is always at your side, and we hope that through the activities we planned with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you feel the Lord’s presence and love for you.


We promise to keep you and your families in our prayers for peace and good health in your lives and for your continued growth as Catholics and as maturing young adults. 


We promise to be your partners in faith formation and be available to you and your family to assist you in your faith journey. If you have questions or concerns, email, call, or see us before or after your class.


In turn, we have two simple expectations

Attendance at each activity and event. We understand that life happens and conflicts may arise. For this reason, all sessions, with the exception of a couple, are offered multiple times.  

Respect for each other and for the adults involved in the program and workshops. Parents will be notified of discipline issues, and we will meet as a team to help resolve any matters. If talking and use of phone during any of the sessions becomes a problem, you will be asked to leave.  

Communication with you will be via email (through Flocknote and Outlook), Church bulletin, workshop leaders, and this web site. All information will always be posted on this web site.


We thank you for allowing us to be part of your faith formation journey for Confirmation. We know that the Holy Spirit will work wonders in your life—don’t be afraid to stop, listen, and respond to His calling. May God bless each of you now and always.

Ed and Joanne Arrandale

St. Margaret Church Confirmation Coordinators

203-245-7301 ext. 108



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