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All Students.

Expectations and Responsibilities for Attending Classes via Zoom

Plans for this year are to meet in person. If for any reason, we need to move some classes online the following expectations must be met so we can ensure a safe and effective way for us to continue the program. The goal is for our online classes to continue your faith formation towards Confirmation by simulating an in-person experience as best we can given the current restrictions imposed by the state and the Archdiocese of Hartford.

  1. Do not give out or share our Zoom links with anyone.

  2. Your name on Zoom needs to be your first name and last name, so we know who you are. There will be a waiting room set up before you enter the meeting. If we don’t recognize your name, we will not let you in and you’ll be marked absent.

  3. Arrive at least 10 minutes early to class so we can get you through the waiting room process. 

  4. Dress for class as if it were in person.

  5. Find a quiet place that does not have any distractions. Minimize background noises (pets, younger and older siblings, parents, phones ringing, TV/music).

  6. Stay focused on class. Please do not multitask. 

  7. Video must remain on during the class.

  8. Please mute yourself unless you are called on or have a question.

  9. Recording of sessions is strictly prohibited.

  10. We will be having discussions on the topics covered and your participation is required.

  11. If you are having a connection issue please text us.

  12. Please respect our guest speakers, teachers, and peers.

  13. Practice kindness and respect at all times. Our number one rule!

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