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Email from 1/9/2023

Thank you to those who attended the Blessed Carlo Acutis Exhibit this weekend. We hope that you were as amazed by this teenager as we were. Such an incredible person to look up to help us grow in our faith and appreciation of the Eucharist. Reminder that if you were unable to attend this weekend, please do so today from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. This is a required event. Your attendance consists of viewing the video on Blessed Carlo and spending about 20-25 minutes learning about the various Eucharistic miracles that have occurred over the years. The panels on display are from the website that Blessed Carlo developed to share these miracles with us via the Internet. You also have the opportunity to see and venerate a first-class relic (hair fragments) of Blessed Carlo. Remember to sign in as well!


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