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Prayers written in the God in Nature workshop

From September 18:

Dear God,

We thank you for being so thorough and precise with Your eye,

for putting so much care and detail into each one of us,

for the textures, for the sound, for the light, for the color,

for the color-changing leaves every season, showing new beauty and for everything that may be overlooked,

for the nature around us and the uniqueness of all You have made,

for our senses and clean atmosphere along with your green trees and plants,

for the moment to stop and for the flowers and the birds and the peace,

for the experience, for all the beauty we see.

We pray that You continue to let us notice the natural beauty around us.

God, You have put unique pieces of nature in front of us to ensure we look at the deeper beauty all around us.

All we need to do is look out to find it. Amen

From September 24:

Dear God, thank you for blessing us with the beauty You grace this earth with:

Every flower, sunrise, and ocean is a reminder of your love.

For the way the leaves sway when the wind blows,

And for the way bright flowers bloom when spring rolls around

Even for the dull green blades that lie on the ground, we thank you Lord.

For the early morning sunlight that filters through the trees

For the tiny green saplings that burst through the soil.

For the curious bees as a result of the flowers,

The vibrant petals and leaves as a result of the sun,

The brilliance of nature working in harmony.

For the trees, flowers and all of nature we might not notice every day,

But when we do, we notice their beauty.

My Lord, thank you for gracing us with gifts more beautiful than anyone could ask

Let us see not only the obvious, but the glory of the nature around us in our everyday lives.

From September 25:

Dear God, Thank you for the beautiful creations in nature

For the bright happy colors in the flowers and grass

For the birds humming in the trees

For the cool breeze in my hair and the sun shining through the clouds

For the leaves crackling in the wind and the crickets chirping

And for the strong and healthy plants

Thank you, God, for making the beautiful world we live in so peaceful and unique.


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