Registration for 2022-2023 now open

All 1st- and 2nd-year students need to register for the program using this form. Registration fee increases to $105 after August 15. Thank you!


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From September 18: Dear God, We thank you for being so thorough and precise with Your eye, for putting so much care and detail into each one of us, for the textures, for the sound, for the light, for

A few reminders regarding upcoming events. Saturday, October 1 - Loaves and Fishes. Additional spots are available for anyone who is interested in helping. Sign up here. Drop off is by 7:30 am at the

Meet our 95 Confirmation Candidates! About half (48) are enrolled in the 1st-year program and 47 are continuing on in the 2nd-year program. The majority of students (87) attend Daniel Hand HS, with th