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Welcome Students!

Meet our 95 Confirmation Candidates! About half (48) are enrolled in the 1st-year program and 47 are continuing on in the 2nd-year program. The majority of students (87) attend Daniel Hand HS, with the rest attending Hopkins, Morgan, Mercy, Notre Dame, and Haddam-Killingworth.

While their basic demographics of school, age, and town residence may be similar, their extracurricular pursuits range from sports to peer advocacy to cooking/eating to boy scouts to robotics to video games. What a diverse group of individuals who will bring many thoughts and experiences to the program!

The most listed favorite activity of our candidates is by far playing a sport. A third (32%) play lacrosse, followed by football (27%), and skiing/snowboarding (14%). Also popular are baseball, basketball, cross country/track, swimming, and tennis.

In addition, about a quarter of the students enjoy participating in the performing arts, and 1 in 9 enjoy the visual arts. Spending time with family and friends was also listed as a favorite activity by 15% of students.

Welcome everyone!


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